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Privacy Offshore Browsing:

We Offer You The Best Protection on the Net Today!

*  AES-2 SSH-2 Tunnels with FULL Tor entry points

*  Privoxy & GrSec Installed

*  An SSL Web Based e-mail account is included with one Anonymous pop 3 mail account

*  Our service completely hides your real I.P. address from others on the Net, all clients have the same I.P.

*  256 bit Encryption prevents others including your ISP from monitoring what you do

*  FULL Protection in WIFI hot spots, when you use our tunnels, any data transferred is encrypted

*  Our Tunnels guard ALL of your Net activity from your computer to our servers

*  Our Tunnels protect you from DNS, and other forms of attacks

*  We Offer FULL Internet with NO censorship (see privacy policy)

*  VOIP, CHAT, Instant Messenger are all supported and you are anonymous while using our tunnels

*  Your own anonymous sub-domain under privacyoffshore or privacyeurope is included with your subscription 


Privacy Offshore Anonymizes ALL Your Net Activity!

*  Web Browsing including https is all anonymous

*  ALL your e-mail, including Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, are anonymous when used through the tunnels

*  File sharing with P2P, Kazza, and others is anonymous

*  Services like ICQ, IRC, AIM, etc, can be used anonymously through your Secure Tunnel

*  Newsgroups and FTP are anonymous when used while protected by our service


**You must have your own Internet connection to use our services

Terms of Service