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You can use your Secured Tunnel account to encrypt ALL the Internet activity between your computer and our servers.  This prevents any servers between your computer and us snooping into your traffic.  Even your I.S.P. can't monitor any of your Tunneled activity.  Did you know that most internet providers (I.S.P.'s) retain a log file that shows the times your I.P. address was used and where it connected to, ask them.  Some internet providers save these log files indefinitely, and they may give these files to whomever asks with or without a court order.  This would mean every web site you visited and everything you did is no longer private.  Secured Tunnel offers one of the highest encryptions currently available AES-2 through an SSH-2 connection directly to Non - Logged secured servers.

The method the Secured Tunnel software uses to collect your traffic and send it to our servers is called port forwarding.  Customers can create as many port forwards as they like in the software for their programs.  Everything is sent out to our servers on port 22, so even if ports were being monitored for some reason by an I.S.P., the only thing they would see is a connection on port 22 to our servers.  They could not tell if you were surfing, sending mail, posting to newsgroups, or even downloading music!

Our Tunnel can be used alone or can be used with the squid proxy's which we offer, or along with privoxy or Tor.  The first time your tunnel connects to our server it will receive "keys" from our server.  These keys are for the security and integrity of your connection and are changed frequently so that your sure your privacy and security are being maintained.

Secured Tunnel is faster and more reliable than a VPN connection, customers find that the connection rarely drops, and that the downtime VPN's experience is not a problem with our servers.  For even added security you can chain two Tunnels together creating another layer of anonymity!

Privacy Offshore recommends two software programs for use with Secured Tunnel.  The first is "Putty", a free and very capable open source SSH-2 client.  It's easily set up and very adequately serves most clients needs.  The second is WRQ Reflection (F-Secure) SSH-2 client.  This is an excellent software package for those who want a more detailed set-up with more bells and whistles, but it's not free.  Most of our clients find Putty more than adequate to do the job.

Contact us for more information!