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As part of the Privacy Services we are offering to our clients, we are also including snail re-mailing!  We will now handle such requests for subscribers.  If you wish us to re-mail a letter through the Postal Service for you, you can send your letter to us and it will be re-mailed.  All letters must be standard weight only and must not require extra postage.

The letter you want re-mailed MUST be sent to us inside an envelope addressed to our mail forwarding address.  We will provide the address to clients.  The enclosed envelope MUST be properly addressed to the recipient and MUST contain the proper postage.

Snail mail will be dropped in a local outgoing mail pickup.  You do NOT have to include a return address on either the envelope addressed to us, OR the interior envelope for re-mailing.  For the time being PACKAGES and PARCELS are NOT accepted.

Contact Us For Details After You Get Your Account!          

Any mail sent to us for re-mailing MUST contain a valid code on the outside lower left or right corner of the envelope sent to us.  We change this code very often.

This means that before you send your envelope or letter to us, you MUST contact us first.  You MUST write the code we give you on the envelope addressed to us.  If no valid code appears on the envelope addressed to us, it will not be re-mailed.

*Anonymous re-mailing services are also available without subscription with all expenses covered, write us via our contact page to order.