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Mozilla SeaMonkey Browser (free)
Great privacy oriented browser with news reader
Opera Browser (free)
Good alternative browser with customization options
Mozilla Firefox (free)
Great award winning browser

Zone Alarm (free)
A great easy to use firewall
Kerio 2.1.4 (free)
A little more advanced firewall. Best to set it up with rules at www.grc.com (Shields Up)
Comodo Firewall (free)
Comodo also offers a full version of this award winning firewall in a free trial

Tunneling Software
Putty: SSH-2 Software (Free)
Select the newest version on the top left of the page
Reflection SSH-2 Software (F-Secure)
You may wish to try the trial version

Net Clean-up and Disc Eraser
Eraser (free)
Cleans free and slack space on your disk
Window Washer
A great windows cleaning utility, well worth the price
CCleaner (free)
Protects your privacy online, makes your computer faster and more secure
Index.dat Analyzer & Remover (Free)
What are index.dat files? Index.dat files are hidden files that contain all tracks of your online activity.
Internet Windows Washer (free)
Cleans most tracks left from Internet surfing
DBan (free)
Ideal for use when selling your computer
Burn (Free)
Erasing Program for Macintosh Users

Disc and File Encryption
DiskCryptor Full Disc Encryption (free)
This is a free full working open source program for full disc encryption if a lengthy password is all you need. DO READ the help and information manuals available before using.
Drive Crypt & Drive Crypt PP
An excellent software solution for either partition and container encryption or for more advanced full disc encryption
Password Safe (free)
Manage all your passwords for bookmarks with just one master pass. Features blowfish encryption
Bookmark & Password Keeper (free)
Similar to password safe & stores bookmarks

Spy-Ware Removal
Spy Cop Cloak
Key Logger, Spyware Shield and more. Absolutely needed for todays Net!
Ad-Aware (free)
One of the best and safest spy-ware removal tools on the net today. The personal edition is free for home use
Spy Stop Shield (free)
Helps Prevent Spyware, Adware, Trojans & Other Malware from infecting your system
Spy Ware Blaster (free)
After you clean off the spyware from your computer, use this excellent program. It helps prevent spyware from installing in the first place!

Anti-Virus Scanner
Anti Vir Protection (free)
Highly rated by P.C. World
AVG Anit-Virus (free)
Free for home use

Protecting Privacy
Linux System Hardening (free)
One of the best hardening patches available for Linux
Index.dat Analyzer (Free)
Windows Index file records everything you do, this utility clears the dat file for you.

Free Software
Adobe Reader
Free Adobe reader, clients will need to download this software to view the color PDF picture and text set-up instructions provided with their tunnel accounts
Open Office
An open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. Available in many languages and works on all common computers
No Nags
No charge, spyware free software of all descriptions
Free Internet Fax Services
Open a free account and fax to anonymous e-mail!